Advice on how to deploy a Python Application

Hi Everyone,

I am a “sort-of” beginner, using the Python Courses to gain some programming knowledge.

I have a task at work to build a pricing calculator, with a database holding the prices, then a back-end doing some quite complex calculations and then make it available as a webpage so that users can input values (on any device).

In an ideal world the App would be stored in a Microsoft teams folder as that is how we store documents currently and the user would just open the file in their browser.

Now I could start building today, based on the excellent courses so far, however the deployment piece is causing me issues. I can only see a way to deploy as a .exe which is inflexible and would probably get blocked by our corporate firewall or deploy as a hosted web application. This route isn’t particularly suitable as the data is sensitive and we are only allowed to put things in certain places (yes I know Teams is web based but rules are rules).

I could go up the chain and ask for permission get them to build me a webserver but I’d rather just run the app from the Teams folder, the app could make calls to an external server but the Database would need to be stored “locally”. No users will have Python installed on their devices either.

Is there anything that can help achieve this?