Advice for beginner for database app

Dear Mosh, Community

I am passionate about database apps and looking for resources(books, tutorials etc) for building database applications similar than on the picture in the link. There are a lot of questions in my head such as which language I should use and what GUI library to implement whether on desktop or online it would be.

The topics I am looking for is based on its features.

  • The desktop app would connect to a database (SQLite)
  • It would have also an internal database,
  • rich GUI data list - How to connect GUI with database?
  • and it would come own fileformat if it is desktop application

How to start building up my skills for all of the above mentioned features?

Which one would be the most simplest path? I currently have Python skill for scripting as well as Html, CSS, JS and C#.

  • JAVA with JavaFx,
  • Python with PyQt,
  • Win Forms
  • Python with Django React for web.
  • Any other?

Other possibilities:

  • Javascript/HTML/CSS/Electron
  • C# and WPF
  • Swift if you want to build for Mac

But in the end it all depends for what OS you want to build your app for. If you want to build for MacOS, Windows or Linux…or if you want to build it as a web app. As I see you want to build it for desktop, so you have that figure it out.

I’d first start by learning a language. Which one? hard to tell. C# is a pretty strong language and .NET will allow you to develop for a lot of options (desktop, backend, web, cloud)

Database managment is not hard at all, so you can take the ‘Complete SQL mastery’ course by Mosh, which is really good.

Just my opinion… :grimacing:

Forgot to add: take a look at .NET MAUI

Thank you. Database management is not hard indeed. I have the lack of knowledge of how to link GUI with a database. I think, the easiest way will be to just try a simple Tkinter Treeview (or DataGrid) linked to Sqlite tutorial to get a hint. I cannot imagine how to link React to a database even how to build a Treeview UI with React.

I have some python-DB projects already working… and the way to link them is not hard at all.

If interested, let me know, and I can share the code with you!

Hi Nicolas,

I am very appreciated, it is very kind. That would be great to start learning from existing projects. Do you have github?

My github is almost abandoned. I think I have to start uploading some projects there.

Anyway… here is the link to the password manager I wanted to create. I’m sure it will help you.

I wrote that code like 3 years ago, so it was very simplistic and full of errors… so, focus on how I linked the GUI and the database. If you need explanation on how I did it, let me know.

of course, take a look at the readme.

I read this book and it helped me lots. If you are into Python and GUI design, it’s worth every cent: