Advice learn specific program

I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice with programming language i should learn for my current and future projects.

I need a program or make a program that can use excel cell data and formula’ s to a new program for faster calcuations. Preferably a bare bones spreadsheat program that can calculate large simple data sets. The problem is that excel is so slow to calculate all the data (millions of cells). Can a new program calculate faster or do i need more servers to do the calculations?

An example of data:
Data is located in multiple sheets.

From cell A1:A500 is the reference column with data sets.
From C1 To XFD500 is cells with formula’s that use cells A1:A500 as reference.

Example of a cel formula in cell c1 = A1 + A2 + A4 + A20

I copy columns with sizes A1:A500 with data to cells A1:500. So all the cells from C1:XFD500 wil have to recalculate.

Can anyone help me witch program i should learn?

Thank you.

python is good for excel