Adding python to PATH (Windows) - too risky?

In one of the early lessons in Mosh’s “Complete Python Mastery” on teachable we are taught how to download and install Python on Windows.

Mosh tells us to click the checkbox to add Python to Windows’ PATH. However I have been googling this and adding to PATH appears to carry some security risks and to be actively discouraged by Python’s core developers.

Does anyone have any comments on this?

I think once I’ve completed Mosh’s course I will uninstall Python and start again following an alternative tutorial and not adding Python to PATH, at least until I fully understand the risks.

See also this warning in another tutorial:

Warning: If you don’t know what PATH is, then it’s highly recommended that you do not install with the full installer. Use the [Microsoft Store package] instead.”

FYI anyone who stumbles across this: Don’t worry about it - just add it to PATH.

The reason for this warning is for compatibility. There is python 2 and python 3. Windows does not distinguish these packages when it is added. So the recommended way is not to add it

If you add python to path, you can access it anywhere on your computer without specifying the exact path of python every time. This is pretty helpful :grinning: :

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