Adding Java GUI

Recently completed the ultimate Java series. Now i want to learn how to implement GUI in Java. Heard about Swing, AWT and others. Please could anyone guide me on which is best to learn?
Regarding the learning aspect, Mosh only used console in his Java courses. Please could you also recommend for me another channel or course video I could use?
Thank you!!!

I can’t tell for sure.
A few years back when I was trained C# the Java group learnt Swing.
Now that I am trained Java I hear it is obsolete.
The thing is companies do not necessarily follow the latest version of techs they use.
Today I got a JSF class which is for the web and I learn version 2.2 which is not the most recent.
I believe there would still be change you’d need Swing. It is the most likely to fall. A more modern tech is Java FX but it dropped in my ear the tech is no more. If so, this is sad because it looks promising. Especially since I learnt WPF (on the .NET stack) I understand FXML is the equivalent to XAML. I really love WPF and I would certainly love Java FX/FXML if it is still decent to use.

The best bet is to ask to companies/clients you’d be interested to work with what they use. Things may change a lot between regions.

Good luck.

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Alright, I understand. Thank you!!!

Then, is there by any chance you’d have any online course or channel for recommendation??

Learn java gui from scratch

John Purcel in Udemy Java Swing
Programming Knowledge Channel Java FX
Programming Knowledge Channel Netbeans Java Gui with SQLite

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John Purcel have videos on Youtube too on Cave of Programming channel.
Just quite old as far as I can remember. (EDIT: That doesn’t mean irrelevant though. Simply you’ll need to update from there)

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Java FX is meant to replace Java Swing. There are too many modern GUI languages with higher priority on the market than Java Swing or even JavaFX. But if you wish to learn one of the proprietary Java GUI modules, let it be JavaFX.