Adding images and videos

Hi all, I am new here. I need help adding images and videos - any tips?

What part do you need help with?

I’m new learner also, but as I understand the concept first you have to create an Images file, Then add your image in the folder and name it. then in head section you can add img element and choose your image file and put it in Src attribute and name your picture in alt attribute. But I’m not sure which part do you need help exactly.

Thank you so much for responding. So the issue I am having is that images are not showing on the web page. If they do, I get a very large image (that I can’t resize) or a small green thumbnail. I created my images folder in caps (maybe I need to change that to lowercase). I feel stuck:(

A coffee mug on a table

Hi, To resize your image and make it smaller you need to do it with CSS code, you need to open style element in head section, then open an img { width:100px;}. HTML is not case sensitive, I don’t think that cause the problem.

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Images that are displaying too large are because you either specified a size too large through css, or your image file is actually that large.

If your image is displaying a icon placeholder then the link to the image is broken or invalid, and that is the browser’s default styling.

I think you should check out this article as it will help you get started with links and images.

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Thank you so much I appreciate your help

Thank you so much…I appreciate