Access Postgresql through SSH Tunneling

In my company, I cannot access PostgreSQL directly, it is through SSH Tunneling.
I could setup pgadmin to use SSH tunneling from my windows account.

Can anyone help me how I can access such PostgreSQL dB from Node using SSH Tunneling, what are the steps I should follow?

Thank you in advance.

If you need to access PostgreSQL, you can try postgresql odbc driver.

Hi NickEvans, Thank you, I have used postgresql odbc drivers, my request was about SSH Tunneling, admin has disabled direct host access and i have to reach the dB server through SSH tunnel config,

To add more, I got this link
Node.js postgresql connecting with ssh-tunnel proxy ยท GitHub
When I try it, I get Type Error: tunnelSsh is not a function, can any one please give me a tip on why I may get this error. My node version is v18.12.1 and npm version is 8.19.2