Access Modifiers in Java

Is it accurate to compare access modifiers to the concepts of scoping and hoisting in JavaScript?

Hi yes, the underlying concepts are the same in the sense they both deal with exposure of elements in your programs. Some key similarities and differences below:

1. Similarities:

  • Both access modifiers in Java and scoping/hoisting in JavaScript relate to code accessibility.
  • They both deal with determining the visibility of certain elements within the code.

2. Differences:

  • Access modifiers in Java control the visibility of class members (fields and methods) throughout the entire Java application, ensuring proper encapsulation and data hiding.
  • Scoping and hoisting in JavaScript, on the other hand, determine how variables and functions can be accessed in different sections of the code, usually within the same file, using function or block scope.
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Thank you again @lucidlear :sparkles: