What is different between Encapsulation and Abstaction

Hello my friends, I have two questions

If we make field private and setter and getter for it, does that mean we are applying the Encapsulation principle?.


If we make the method private, that means we are applying the Abstaction principle?.

Q1 Yes I think so. By making the field private you are hiding/encapsulating the internal workings of your class.

Q2 I think this is also encapsulation, not abstraction. One example of abstraction is the File class in Java. It’s not the files themselves, but it gives you a way, an interface, for working with files. It has methods that allow you to createNewFile or delete a file, without worrying about all the underlying details of how the file is actually created or deleted. In other words, it abstracts all of the complicated details away and gives you a simplified way to do things.