About installing Angular in Vscode

Help me with this error


installing Angular is not particularly related to VS Code but it is at Windows level.
You can do it because you installed node/npm at system level (mostly adding it to path environment variable).

VS Code just allows using an integrated terminal from withing the app.

The error you are seeing is there because by default, for security reasons, Windows disable executing Powershell scripts. You have to allow their execution.

I believe node/npm should provide a section about this part.

For instructions on how to install node on Windows, Microsoft provide their own doc

For just your problem, you have to change the execution policy for PowerShell scripts

Be sure that if you do that though, you are intentionally ignoring a security feature.
If you don’t need to maintain a lot of PS scripts, you may pay a closer look to exemple 7:

Good Luck.

Hope this helps.

PS: Be sure to use Admin terminal for that operation.

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