Won't let me delete anything

Won’t let me delete anything

I see you have two similar topics with no response. In both cases your topic lacks information for anyone to actually help you. What won’t let you delete anything: this website, something you created or tried to create in python; C#; Javascript; etc., something on your computer or server?

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I have got the same issue - When I type something in the visual studio am not able to delete while mentioning Print etc… now I have another issue where am not able to type anything in the visual-studio code editor. Can someone help?

Look at the bar in the typing line and it doesn’t allow me to type anything.

I notice the following error at the bottom of your screenshot

E353: Nothing in register

That sounds like a Vim error. Are you in some kind of Vim text editing mode? Maybe you have the Vim extension installed? If so, pressing the i key might get you into insert mode where you’ll be able to type. But if you’re not familiar with Vim, then it might be better to try to turn that Vim mode off.

If you meant deleting files made by mistake go to your folder and delete it from there. Its the folder where you have your Html Css files.