WITH CHECK OPTION is interfering with Stored Procedure?

Hey guys, just wanted to know exactly what was going on here…

So I was doing the SQL lesson and here’s what happened:

Here is my view + WITH CHECK OPTION
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW invoices_with_balance AS
SELECT invoice_id,
number, client_id, invoice_total,
due_date, payment_date, invoice_total - payment_total AS balance FROM invoices
WHERE (invoice_total - payment_total) > 0 WITH CHECK OPTION;

Few lines down I have an update statement
UPDATE invoices_with_balance
SET invoice_total = 0 WHERE invoice_id = 3;

Unable to run this, getting an error “Error Code: 1369. CHECK OPTION FAILED”
CREATE PROCEDURE get_clients()
SELECT * FROM clients;
END $$

So I’m certain it’s the update statement that is interfering with the stored procedure creation. But I just want to know why…
I was able to run a regular select statement, but when I try to create the procedure it wouldn’t work. What’s going on??