Where can I get Code Listing?

I’m working through the Mastering React tutorial, and I am on the Components section.

I am on Section 12. Prior to this, Mosh decided to delete all of the code in the counter.jsx file to write something else. We did that for several of these videos.

Now, at Section 12, he has just started back in the middle of the code that he deleted before. I don’t mind typing it all in again, but it doesn’t all fit on the video screen that he is showing in the tutorial.

Is there somewhere that I can get the Code Listing for specific sections of this tutorial? Right now, I can’t follow along because I deleted the code like he told us to do before.

I did take the course over a year ago.
Back then I already had a feeling the videos had been slightly rearranged but that was ok.
If I remember well the code was still available but I am not sure because I did type it anyway and so if there were one, I did not download it.
Now I see the only remainder of source code is in the advanced section.
If you know GIT, I suggest you use it along with taking courses and take notes.
If you don’t know GIT I advise you learn it and pursue with the above advice.
Good luck.