Weight Converter Program"

I am using the Python tutorial and on the part called “Weight Converter Program”.
Having problem with a syntax error.
First it was saying syntax error to the following code

Weight: 240

(L)bs or (K)g:

I was typing the next line in but, on further observations I noticed that Mosh was just pressing enter to get the next line (L)bs or (K)g: to enter itself.

I now get code completed with 0, but not “Your 108.8 Kilos” as show in the tutorial.

Weight: 240 <when you press enter here
Does Charm automatically populate the next line with
(L)bs or (K)g: I Don’t get this line to enter L or K

Sharing your code is always a good starting point. So, share your code so people can see it and provide support.


Ty Doing my best to explain my problem!

Any Ideas on what I’m doing wrong.

Ok figured out I was not completing the instructions to create the project,
this is the code now that I followed up and got this error?
weight = int(input ('Weight: ‘)
unit = input(’(L)bs or (K)g: ')
if unit.upper() == “L”:
converted = weight * 0.45
print(f”You are {converted} kilos
converted = weight / 0.45
print(f”You are{converted} Pounds

Syntax error s:
File “C:\Users\bella\PycharmProjects\Hello World 2\main.py”, line 2
unit = input(’(L)bs or (K)g: ')
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

Hope you can see what I’m doing wrong and tY

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Missing closing")" in line 1?

Got it ! TY Sam!

Now I’m getting;
if unit.upper() == “L”:
SyntaxError: invalid character ‘“’ (U+201C)

Solved by retyping quotes not copy and pasting them