Web Scraping - html truncated on requests.get().text

Hi guys. I hope someone can help me.

I am taking the Python Programming For Developers and I am blocked at Lesson 7-Web Scraping.

I could not finish the script because I have the follow issue with requests package:

I am running the follow line on python 3.9.2:

url = ‘Newest Questions - Stack Overflow
response = requests.get(url)

The .content and .text properties of response object are incomplete (truncated). I can see the opening html/body tag, but there is no end, because the html code from response is too long.

Because of that, following Mosh instructions on the lesson, I can process a lot of questions titles and votes, but not all from the page, and I can’t find the pagination div tag to loop all the pages.

I could not find anything on google or requests documentation that explain why the content and text of response object are truncated.

Does anybody had the same problem with the exercise, solved or knows why this happens?