Ultimate Django Series - Annotating objects

Three day old installation of
Python 3.11
Django version 4.2.4, using settings ‘storefront.settings’

I’m following along with Mosh coding as he is coding.

queryset = Customer.objects.annotate(is_new = True) - fails as advertised.

Add this:
from django.db.models import Value
change the queryset to this
queryset = Customer.objects.annotate(is_new=Value(True)) - gives a blank screen and NO SQL

Selecting SQL in the Django debug toolbar shows

SQL queries from 0 connections

No SQL queries were recorded during this request.

I’ve looked at this for so long I am going word blind.

Can anyone see what I have done wrong or mis-typed? Or is there a reason for this

It’s always good to find your own mistakes.

It’s not so good when you’ve been a total clutz and not put the query result into the render!

Ask yourself what you’re returning with Customer.objects.annotate(is_new = True)

Annotate creates a field. How do you return all records in a queryset?

.all() returns all querysets so Customer.objects.annotate(is_new = True).all() returns all querysets of Customer model with the new field added.

Yours returns nothing because it only creates the fields.