(Type) Project- Mortgage Calculator

Hi I have completed (type) folder in (fundamental) section .
when I tried to answer the quiz, my brain was like ( stoppppppped ) . I didn’t understand mosh’s request I repeated the video more then 100000 time but I couldn’t understand.
though I have finished this folder with fully understandable . now am hopeless should I give up on java ? please i need some prop. TNX

Am I alone here . Please any one help me

Since we can only guess what your problem might be it’s hard to come up with a solution. Is it the maths? Or don’t you understand the requirement because english is not your native language? In these cases it might help to look up the topic on other sites (in your language).

Sir I don’t have any problem with English. As I told u I fully understand the course.

And yes big Yes I have problem with Math . Should I give up? Because my Math is sucks?

For the excercise you don’t necessarily have to understand the formula - you just have to implement the calculations in Java. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation. That should be doable. And in case you’re stuck you can peek at Mosh’s solution. This is not an exam at school…

Thanks @SAM. I do Appreciate your help. I was really hopeless . Thanks again

I want to discuss something related to this forum, i am new here and i want to know the rules of this forum. Can anybody tell me about this?

Welcome to the forum @kevinnorris. You should read the FAQ and have a chat with discobot - the robot that will guide you through the functions of the forum. Have a look at your forum mails were you will find greetings from discobot.

Also read about the art of asking coding questions.