This is a good practice in nextj?

Hi guys, sorry for bothering you, im doing the nextjs course and I have a simple question about this code:

const IssueDetailPage = async ({ params }: Props) => {

    const issue = await prisma?.issue.findUnique({
    where: { id: parseInt(}

Is a good practice call directly to prisma? I think the front never have to call the bd directly, must go to the backend, I’m wrong?

Thanks all =)

I saw the answer with google+chatgpt, so the react component is executed at the server and the server component can use prisma, because prisma is at the server side. Now I understand the ‘use client’ annotation, is to render the react component at the user side, so at this case cant use prisma because is not defined at the user side

I hope this info helps someone

Sorry for this post guys (=