Syllabus how to become software developer

Hi there,

It is just came to my mind today. I really like the website and Mosh tutorials however when I started learning Python I thought that the full path will be covered by the set of presented tutorials. I did not expect there are thousands of other things aside like design patterns, databases and concepts I did not found for software development such as how to design a software with own file format.
All in all I think it takes minimum of five years to become software developer next to work. What can I expect?

Basicaly I just want to get a full picture. I also thought about C++ devlopement which is the most complicated. I think the only way is .Net if I consider the easiest way. I am looking for solution for desktop software development.

Software development is not a demarcated area so only learning a programming language is not enough.

I think for desktop software .Net is the best solution.