Swipeable Unknown Word

Hi there, my Swipeable still isn’t working even after I wrapped it with GestureHandlerRootFile.
It is still stating the “Swipeable: Unknown Word”.

Here is the code, thank you
import React from ‘react’

import { View, StyleSheet, Image, TouchableHighlight, TouchableOpacity } from ‘react-native’

import AppText from ‘./AppText’

import colors from ‘…/config/colors’

import { GestureHandlerRootView } from “react-native-gesture-handler”;

import Swipeable from ‘react-native-gesture-handler/Swipeable’;

function ListItem({ title, subTitle, image, onPress, renderRightActions }) {



    <Swipeable renderRightActions={renderRightActions}>




    <View style={styles.container}>

        <Image style={styles.image} source={image}/>


            <AppText style={styles.title}>{title}</AppText>

            <AppText style={styles.subTitle}>{subTitle}</AppText>








const styles = StyleSheet.create({

image: {

    width: 70,

    height: 70,

    borderRadius: 35,

    marginRight: 10,


container: {

    flexDirection: 'row',

    padding: 15,


subTitle: {

    color: colors.medium,


title: {

    fontWeight: '500',



export default ListItem

Oh hey it worked!!! Despite it stating unknown in the terminal.