Suggestion On Topic Categories and User Feedback

I frequently find topics about a language tagged in the wrong category (say, JavaScript topics on the Java category).


  1. This may prevent users from getting answers from users trained in the correct language.
  2. Other users with the same issue cannot find the answers already given.
  3. Topics duplicate, potentially without limit.
  4. Users may be discouraged from using the forum because their concerns go unanswered forever.
  5. The categories litter with topics irrelevant to the language/technology tagged.
  6. The forum becomes a confused pile of topics and information.

Devise an algorithm that evaluates users’ posts and suggests to them to revise the category that they will post in. This may decrease this issue exponentially.

A user might get a message like “It seems that you have a question about Javascript but you are posting on the Java category; please post in the category designed for the technology that you have a question about. Here is how to do that…”

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Haven’t seen the issue personally, but this is a good suggestion.