Simple Main Method Question

I’m working on Java Part 3. He keeps creating new classes, adding code, hitting Run, and getting output. I don’t understand how that works. I do the exact same thing, and I get no output. I have to put code in the Main method to get output. Run Main is the only Run option I have. He doesn’t show his Main method, but I downloaded the source code, and his Main method doesn’t implement any methods. I know this is a real noob question.

Can you explain me your doubt along with your code so that I can understan what your doubt is…

No. I’m sorry. My code is exactly the same as his from the videos. And currently I am getting output from code entered in classes other than Main. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong before. I’m going to delete this tread, if I can. I appreciate your help.

Ok your wish if you want to delete the thread then delete it.