Services.db.volumes 'type' is a required property error

In docker course, on “Running Multi-container Applications” section, video 6-7 we create a yaml file and docker-compose build with that yaml file.

When I tried to build the docker-compose.yaml file I get error:

services.db.volumes ‘type’ is a required property
Mosh doesn’t get any error in the video and I did the same thing as him.

Also I am using docker-compose version 1.29.2.

Thanks for any help.

Interestingly, i deleted the space between vidly: and /data/db.
Then it worked.


Thank you so much for posting this, I also received the same error and spent the last 2 hours trying to debug it. Not sure why we ended up with that space char there, but yes, removing it solved the problem.
Well done.

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Thanks @ezgideren Removing the space in volumes worked form me also, oh yaml files :grimacing: !