Saving the movie React.js

Hey everyone, im struggling with this part I just couldnt find the issue when saving the movie when updating an existing one with PUT i always get an HTTP bad request error and when i check the request’s error in network tab it writes “title” is required even tho i have exast same code as Mosh’s and even logged my object and it has a title just before sending it…also when creating a new movie if my title has less than 5 chars it doesnt validate the saving and requests a title with at least 5 chars even though this conditions doesnt exist in my JOI schema…any clues?

After a lot of researching ( still have the same problem ) I noticed that the back end Vidly-api-node is refusing to validate my object it always says “title” is required even tho i checked a thousand times that my object has a title prop even when i took off the “required” from the backend validation it went on to say genreId is required error lol … I checked the type of each prop and they are all absolutely perfect they are even the same as the object that is accepted when I make a new movie so this all really doesnt make any sense to me…I ve never been this stuck xD