React-native-metro-bundler are not working. alternative?

. Hi, I’m new to react native. I 'm on the first stage of creating and app and view in production. when i run ‘npm start’ , metro bundler is not actually working and my local host shows json file instead. I tried open using android Expo go, but it’s not connected

Mosh’s course on React Native is a bit dated. While it is still a great course, the biggest difference is that the Metro tools have changed a lot.

I suggest you create your project using updated instructions. Then once you get it sorted, go back and pick up with Mosh.

One of the primary differences is that Metro no longer has a web interface like you see Mosh using. It has been completely redesigned. It’s a bit of a hassle, but the good news is that you can sort this out with a little effort and you’ll be smarter for having done that.

Here is the official website for the Metro bundler:


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