React native error message element type invalid

I’m stuck and was wondering if someone could help me get passed this error message in react native ?

It looks like somewhere in your code (maybe in AppPicker.js) you’ve got a component that the compiler can’t find.

Check that:

  • You’ve imported all the component files needed
  • The name assigned to the component matches what you’ve got in your code (could just be a typo)

An example of this type of error in your code might be and import like this:
import AuthContext from “…/auth/context”;

But then in your code you just call it Context.

Thanks Dpickut ! I’m amazed how many people understand code so well ! honestly im super confused still do you think there is a way i could share his code with you or go over it with you for help ? I will look over your answer and try to understand it better in the meantime

also my app starts off fine but it throws that error when i go to click on category so maybe that will help identify the problem ?

Pat - I’m not an expert – I’m just a student on a journey to learn coding. I’ve been trying to help out in the forum because I share the frustration of being “stuck” on a problem. Also, it helps me learn. So, I’m not really qualified to provide the assistance you’re looking for.

Mosh is an excellent instructor, but the React Native courses require a pretty sound background in JS and React. If you’re struggling, you might want to go back and review some of the basics. (I need to do that frequently.) I’ve used courses on Udemy, free tutorials on YouTube, and the free college courses (such as Harvard’s CS50).


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thank you Dave your a champion for helping in the forum and I’m all to familiar with the frustration part haha

Hello @Pat ,

Coincidentally I faced the same error message around the same time. Took @dpickut 's advice and managed to resolve it. Was aghast when I discovered a few spelling mistakes in a few components… coz strangely they appeared fine before this (I’m at the ListingEditScreen lesson btw).

So, please scan through your components to ensure they are correctly spelled out. Hope that helps! =)