React 18 for beginners - playstation platform games not appearing

I can’t get playstation games to appear when I select “playstation” from the platform dropdown list. I know there are playstation games too from doing an API call in Postman. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks.

In the useGame.ts change the platforms to parent_platforms

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Thanks. Like this?

The same is happening to me. All platforms work, except that one, but I checked the network tab in inspect window and it is returning null with status OK 200. So I believe it’s a “problem” from the api side, not ours.


having the same issue

Actually, I think it’s our code. After all, I can pull down a list of playstation games in Postman. If I can do it there, I should be able to do it in react

Really? Hmm I just tried in my postman and the result is the same… No info at all.
Here’s a the request and response in postman.

Same with mine also. I am also experiencing the same issue

There’s definitely an issue with the platform filter. I reported it here: `platforms` query should be `parent_platforms` · Issue #2 · mosh-hamedani/react-course-part1 · GitHub

@Mosh can this possibly be corrected in the repos and maybe add a note to the course video to minimize confusion?


Try changing platforms= in that url to parent_platforms=

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Thanks for reporting this! I put a note in the course and will fix the issue in part 2.


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Still have this issue. If someone could guide through how to correct this, that would be great

Can you please update the react native course? It is really and I mean really outdated. Thanks

in useGames.ts Change platforms to parent_platforms

      params: {
        genres: gameQuery.genre?.id,
        parent_platforms: gameQuery.platform?.id,
        ordering: gameQuery.sortOrder,
        search: gameQuery.searchText,

Thanks mmzz, it seems to be working for me.