Python Simple Exercise up to the Control Flow Section

I would like some simple Python exercises since I was not able to figure out the last exercise shown on the Control Flow section video. I want to do better and practice, so if anyone can give any exercises that would help.

Really anything related on the Control Flow section and the past section would be much appreciative.


I would check out They have a lot of resources you can look into, such as books, tutorials, and community pages, just to name a few. I think the site is a great resource in general and you should become familiar with it.

Real Python also has some great resources, which are in paid and free tiers, but a lot of resources on there are free and do offer quizes, like python conditional statements.

The Python community is huge so there are tons of resources out there if you look around.

Thank you very much for informing me about these websites. I will surely use them for practice before I move onto the Function section (I think it is called the function section).