Problem with visual code

Please help me with this problem I’m trying to run the code but it isn’t working

@Micheal Please upload your image again! There is a problem with uploading!

.this is it

Please what should I do

I don’t know the solution but I can help you with that! “Go to windows search and type cmd open it and command python” check if your python is properly installed or not! If not then install Python 3 the latest version.

Ok, thanks may God bless you

@Micheal Now I catch it. Your path Windows PATH Environment Variable is not set. To set this follow the instructions here.

Ok. But is there still any need to download the latest python

What python version you are running

Python 3.8.3 32 bit.

Your windows is 32-bit or 64-bit?

It is 64 . that’s the bit

Please follow the instructions Click here and if the problem was solved or not let me know.

Python is not added to windows PATH.

@Nazmul 's solution should definitely work. However, as an alternative, you can download the latest version of python , and during installation, it will give you the option to add to path. Checking that option should do the work for you.

Thanks alot I’m grateful

You solved your problem???

Ok thanks very much, I’m grateful

You’re always Welcome :slightly_smiling_face: