Problem in buying python course

I cant able to buy the course from India.
Does anyone from India, learning python mastery course?
pls help me

My friend,
I too had the same problem as you.
I didn’t have any account or credit card. For the course, I created a paypal account. But everytime we try purchasing it, the card gets blocked saying, “Blocked for international usage”.

I’ve contacted mosh many times but no response.

So instead, I just paid one of my friends and got the course from them at half the price!

ok bro, I also created paypal account and I also activated internationl usage and when i pay using paypal its continuously loading​:sleepy::sleepy:
I dont know wat to do!

Yes, I am from India.
Nowadays its very easy to learn python courses for free or paid
many resources are available online for Beginner to advanced level programming courses.