Postman is now deprecated, what to use?

The tool mosh uses in the Restful API section postman to create course routes with json data is deprecated from google chrome. Is there another equivalent tool or it says there is postman native would that work?

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I think there is a postman extension on vscode, also iv used the thunder client extension is very good too.

You can download the postman standalone app here


It works thanks for the input

There’s one more great alternative to postman

Firecamp, try it. It works on almost all types of APIs.

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Why do you say that “postman is deprecated?”

It was removed from the google chrome store but like they said the standalone app works fine. Usually it refers to something being outdated or replaced.

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I see – I misunderstood your intent. Indeed native is working and working very well. I have been on postman for years, and it is a popular, really full-featured tool important to understand in industry.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, i’m just posting here to find workarounds. It is a super useful tool now that i’ve got the hang of it