Please help get me out trouble

Hi, I have crashed my laptop more them 40 time in a day trying to learn loops.
I haven’t gotten the logic yet to advoid infinit loops. Do I have to make it false for to work.

What have you tried so far?

The reason I am having this issue is because I don’t know when to increment or decrement i.

Please share your code so we could help.

Please tech me how to do it. Because I don’t know how to.

Simply copy/paste your code in here.

At least the problematic loop

Ideally you can surround them with triple backticks in the editor


results in


Or else just share a screenshot.

Simply code is better to people trying to help because they could copy paste to try it.

Another option could be using a “fiddle” site such as js fiddle or codepen to demonstrate your problem.

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