Pipenv failed to load path

Hi Mosh & guys, I am following in the python course in a window’s environment. I get an error on pipenv while installing requests. Tried to reinstall latest python, pip, pipenv & required dependencies, and also checked the path in system variables all point correctly to python39 folder.

Any advise on resolving the error below?

PS C:\Users\Young\Documents\Hello World> pipenv install requests
Installing requests…
[ ] Installing…Failed to load paths:
[= ] Installing requests…Failed to load paths:
Error: An error occurred while installing requests!
Error text:

Installation Failed

See if this can help :

Remove your Pipfile.lock and try rerunning pipenv install to rebuild your dependencies from your Pipfile. It is looking for a virtual environment that does not exist. By removing your Pipfile.lock, you force pipenv to create a new environment