Php Course on codewithmosh

Is there anytime frame when mosh will have a course on PHP. I really enjoy his lesson even though they are other out there but mosh teaching is really fun and make the job easier

Consider an array A with n of positive integers. An integer idx is called a POE (point of equilibrium) of A, if A[0] + A[1] + … + A[idx – 1] is equal to A[idx + 1] + A[idx + 2] + … + A[n – 1]. Write a function to return POE of an array, if it exists and -1 otherwise.
How do I write the code and what integer index

Please create a new topic. Your post seems unrelated to this topic.

Well can you guide me where to ask a question for Java I can’t figure it out?

Go to the main page:

Then click the “Create Topic” button. If it is related to Java you can set the category to Java.

Okay Thankyou I got it now.