Payment with Expo

Hi all,
Is there a way to implement payment in Expo managed workflow? I don’t want to eject from Expo and wondering if it is possible to do so?

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I’ve not done payment implementation, but Expo SDK supports Stripe – with some limitations. Here’s the official documentation: Stripe - Expo Documentation

Thanks for the response. I did look into Stripe but I heard Apple and Google don’t allow third party payment any more, it must go directly through them. They take 15% of each transaction so want to have full visibility/control. At least that is my understanding.

Yes, I think you are correct. This looks like the related Expo documentation: InAppPurchases - Expo Documentation

Note that this can only be done with the bare workflow in Expo. So, I’m not sure why the Stripe library for use with managed workflow is provided.

Maybe someon else on the forum can explain this.

Oh, maybe this is part of the answer: Apple ordered to change how it handles App Store payments - CNN

Thanks for sharing this news. Good news for us developers. :slight_smile: