Pagination renders in Dev but not Prod

I have looked at the code over and over and I cannot figure out why in Development, the pagination links show but in Production, the pagination links do not show. I tested it in development mode and production mode locally too, with the same result, so I do not think this issue is with heroku, but I may be wrong.
Here is my app on heroku:
and here is the gitHub for it Also, when I look at the component tree with react dev tools, it shows the component, but the pagination links are not rendering.

So after going over the video for the pagination.jsx file a few times, and seeing that my code was identical to what was in the video, I decided to delete all of my code comments. Strangely, this fixed the error in production and now I am able to see the pagination links in both dev and production. I’ll have to research why this happens but it could be something in the npm run build,