Overloading Unary Operator in "Point" Class

I successfully created pre-increment operator member function. But post-increment is creating following error:

Below is my implementation of post-increment operator overloading member function:

/* Issue is in this member function */

Point& Point::operator++(int)
	Point duplicate = *this; // This exact line fails to work


	return duplicate;

Pre-increment operator overloading member function:

Point& Point::operator++()

	return *this;

As it says that there is “no suitable copy constructor”, here is my copy constructor code:

Point::Point(const Point& _point) : Point(_point.x_coordinate, _point.y_coordinate) {}

I have declared both the constructors as explicit.

What is the issue here?
Did I ignore something or created something different?

Thank you for any assistance!

P.S. - I am using Visual Studio 2022