Nextjs Course/Issue tracker React hook form Problem

I got a warning problem in the create New Issue page,

 <div className="max-w-lg">
      {error && (
        <Callout.Root color="red" className="mb-3">
      <form className="space-y-3" onSubmit={handleSubmit(sendData)}>
          <TextField.Input placeholder="Title" {...register("title")} />
        {errors.title && (
          <Text color="red" as="p">
          render={({ field }) => (
            <SimpleMDE placeholder="Description" {...field} />
        {errors.description && (
          <Text color="red" as="p">
        <Button type="submit">Submit New Issue</Button>

seems like the problem is with the component, a ref problem, has anyone encountered this problem and can help me to fix it?

you can ad ref={null} to your Controller to erase that warning