NextAuth problem in production / Vercel

I’m trying to solve a small bug I noticed in production. When run locally when you sign out of the app using the Google Auth it simply takes you back to the home page of the app. In production on Vercel however when I sign out it takes me back to the sign in page, with no obvious way to get back to the app. The url it goes to looks like this:

I notice that when you sign back in it take you to create a new issue, which seems to be what that callbackUrl query param at the end of the url is telling it to do. Not sure where that’s coming from either!

Has anyone else already addressed this?

Actually could anyone confirm if they also have this issue in production? Maybe it’s just me.

Yes, I had it, you need to delete your cookie in the browser, that fixed it for me.

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Hey, that worked! Thanks so much!

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