Next.JS Starter Group

Anybody starting the Next.JS course? I wonder if anyone would like to start a Next.JS course group so we have a dedicated thread to go to for help. I know chatGPT is a good source of help, but a live community can be a good collaborative environment like in an actual workplace setting where we can get help and information regarding the course. Just a thought.

I am also starting the next JS course having tried a few free utube introductory courses. I found MOSH the clearest explaining not only what to do but why.

The criticslly important nextjs upgrade is to use the “app” directory rather than “pages”. I find I cannot agree that learning v13 is a “waste of time”. I have also looked at what is required to upgrade from “pages” to “app” and even doing that is instructive.

Is there any student, who can share subscription with me? I can pay him monthly? I cannot afford full subscription. Please anyone?