Next Auth Signin

After completing “Configuring Google Provider” lesson in the Authentication with Next Auth section. I do not see the Google Signin option.

Following is the code I used same as the video.

import NextAuth from “next-auth/next”;
import GoogleProvider from “next-auth/providers/google”;

const handler = NextAuth({
providers: [
clientId: process.env.GOOGLE_CLIENT_ID!, // ! means we deffinitely have value stored in this variable. It is not undefined or null.
clientSecret: process.env.GOOGLE_CLIENT_SECRET!

export { handler as GET, handler as POST }

When I click on the Login link which is defined as follow


The console window of browser shows the following error

   **GET http://localhost:3000/api/auth/signin 404 (Not Found)**
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I have figured this one as well. The auth folder should be inside the api folder.