Newbie Terminal Issue

I have used the terminal successfully before but I appear to have messed something up. Following the videos my terminal appears differently than the video but also I am unable to run anything as noted in those videos:

Windows 10 - latest version of Python and VS Code

Try just ‘python’

Well, that works! Do you know why?

to run a file on windows you just need to be in the right folder and type the ‘python’ command and the name of the file so ‘’

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I also recommend to download code runner extension in vscode to run your python code in one click

You can also do the following.
When you open open the visual studio,
Go to File > Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts(or press ctrl + k then s) to open the Keyboard Shortcuts menu.
Find the command “Run Python File” and set keybind, this way when you press the assigned keybind the file is going to run in the terminal using Python.

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