New starter for Python for beginners

I have purchased a Mosh Python tutorial for beginners and it asks me to download 3.7.0. This version is not available to download so is there a later version that is still compatible with the tutorial?
A similar problem exists with code editors/interpreters.
I could purchase a more modern course, but I like Mosh’s style and want to stick with his tutorial. Can anyone please help me with workable versions. Thanks.

Any 3.7.x release will likely be identical for the purposes of his course, though if you install the latest (3.12) you’re probably safe. If you install Python using a Python version manager (e.g. pyenv) you can switch back and forth between multiple versions very easily (just in case you do run into an issue with newer versions).

Also, if you’re working on a Mac this is worth a read: The right and wrong way to set Python 3 as default on a Mac. It discusses a couple of ways to install Python (including pyenv).

Python Interpreter (PI) is just a command-line interface (a REPL in this case) to the version of Python you’re using, so there’s no separate version of PI to worry about. It comes installed with whatever version of Python you install.

Good luck and have fun!

Thank you very much for the excellent reply.

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