Nested object update via use state

Dear friends
I hope all is well
I am studying the state management section .
when i want to update a data of flat object with state all is good
but when I want to update data of nested object , I face with the error that say: "Type ‘{ City: string; Number: string; }’ is not assignable to type ‘ReactNod’.

do you know how should I

fix it?

The error is on line 28. customer.Address is a complex object that is not a valid child of a <div>. JSX does not know how to render your custom object.

You could pass the properties of your objects as strings ({customer.Address.City}…) or use a component that renders your object.

Dear Sam
thanks for your reply
I didn’t get your point
would you please say that how should i edit line 28?

You could start with

{customer.Address.City} {customer.Address.Number}

to see the difference.

I get that
thank you so much