MySQL vs SQL. Differences and benefits

Greetings everyone.

How superior is SQL server compared to MySQL in terms of querying?

Is there a huge difference? How applicable and relevant is MySQL in the world in terms of Data Science, BI, Machine Learning etc.



Hey, here are a few differences between SQL and My SQL -

SQL is a structured query language used for managing and retrieving data from the database system.
MySQL is a Relational database system that uses SQL to query data from the databases.

SQL is proprietary based software owned by Microsoft and not open to others for free.
MySQL is an open-source free platform that allows access to any and everyone.

SQL was built for WIndows, works partially for Linux, macOS with its latest versions.
MySQL is adaptable for cross-platforms, working well for Linux, macOS, Windows.


TLDR; SQL sucks, don’t use it.
MySql is good. Use this.