MySQL does not like hyphens in database names

I was having issues using the mysql CLI with databases with hyphens in the name such as the issue-tracker one that Mosh used. You have to wrap any database names in backticks apparently or, as I chose to do, use _ instead of - for database names.

Using MySQL Workbench and the mysql CLI I can see my Prisma migration schema and my issue_tracker database name. However, when I try using DataGrip, it connects to MySQL but it cannot see the Prisma migration schema. Have a feeling this may be due to my running VS Code in a WSL Ubuntu distro and DataGrip can’t handle it.

Beginning to think I’ll be better off with PostgreSQL instead of MySQL as I’ve had no issues under a WSL Linux dev environment with that database. MySQL has thrown too many pain-points my way from installing it to my WSL Ubuntu distro, to getting it to use a password string instead of not asking me for a password during install and defaulting to a Unix socket connection, then hyphens in database names being problematic and now third-party tools like DataGrip failing to see Prisma migrations.

Anyone else out there using Windows, WSL and Ubuntu for the dev environment having these annoying issues?