My entities not colored

Hi. Does anyone know why my entities like &nbps; or © are not colored when I write these entities? On mosh page, it shows as blue and red but mine is white text. How should I fix this?
Thank You

Long time no see. Haha.

If the browser is rendering your entities correctly then that should be all that matters. Mosh could be using a custom theme which will have different colors to your, unless you happen to be using the same one.

I am not sure if you know how but to share code on here. You can either link to an online editor like code pen, jsfiddle, or something similar. Or you can place your code directly in this editor using a code fence. If you Google the term code fence then you should see exactly how to do it, fairly straight forward. Being able to see your code helps everyone troubleshoot and give you a better response.

Let me know if you need some help with that

Hey buddy, Hope you doing well. I will attach the picture for you here to see. On my laptop < or > or   shows colored but on my pc is just white text. The code is functioning but it’s not colored which is annoying.

So from our past conversations, I am thinking you are using visual studio code and you are perhaps using the default theme that came with it?

If so the default color theme will show entities like the image below, which sounds like what you are explaining.


and you are wanting something more like the image you provided where the entities are have colored text like below.


This is just a case of syntax theme or color theme. You can change the themes with vs code and many other text editors.

Also, I really believe that it is beneficial for everyone to know their way around the tools they are using. It will save you so much time in the long run. If you are studying regularly then just add in some time to go over the basics of the VS Code editor, or just dedicate a session or two to learning it.

I would probably go through the whole getting started section, but the just watching all the short videos will give you a good foundation.


Hi, Unfortunately, I’m working also and can’t concentrate on my studies regularly but I have a plan to go through the VS code and learn it, I talked to a few of my friends and they told me Webstorm is more common platform for web developers. I don’t know which one I want to use in the future.