Mongoose- Modeling Relationships : 3 : Population


I’m getting :

Instead of:

like in the course video

Why is this ? I have the same code as in the video and the same mongo documents in the compass. I get [model], instead of the actual author document, can not figure out why.

I’m connecting to an Atlas Cloud instead of localhost.
My documents also look like this :

So maybe this is the problem ? Is there a way to use .populate method so I can get the referenced ‘author’ document ? Or what should I do ?
I mean, who uses localhost to create actual applications ?

Please help !


Also, this is what I get when I’m trying to do the embedding, instead of referencing:

So I’m getting this _doc: [Object] instead of :

What should I do to get the actual document instead of [Object] ??


use mongodb compass for getting the same output