MicroPython and blockly type programming e.g. BIPES

I’m following a couple of Python courses … one of the courses is part of this forum.

My goal is the following:

  • I’m interested in IoT subjects (I follow(-ed) 2 IoT courses on Udemy).
  • In the past I followed a basic Electronics (refresher) and 2 Arduino courses.

What I learned

  • I dislike Arduino - C++ programming (time consuming - not my type)
  • I dislike Arduino Uno - Mega etc. boards (WiFi-Bluetooth and other missing options)
  • I favour ESP32/NodeMCU 8266 boards.
  • I favour blockly type programming (to produce the initial code) and refine the code thereafter.
  • I’m currently testing:
    BIPES Project - Beta2” [BIPES MicroPython]


  • Are there more forum members interested in this topic ?
  • What is your experience so far … do you have any suggestions for a (learning) way forward on
    this topic.

BIPES looks amazing.

I’m very interested, I have a raspberry pi and accessory sitting next to me ready to be worked on.

My experience with MicroPython is greatly lacking. But my python knowledge is pretty good.

Hi … thanks for responding … my journey into IoT and blockly type Programming has just started.

Incidentally BIPES has started a new forum (it’s in the very initial startup phase) … can I invite you to participate in the this Forum.

I can explain to you my path forward in IoT and the courses I am following in learning the IoT and Python/MicroPython topic

Perhaps you can share your approach.

Hope to see you there

I would love to join the forum.

Please register at the forum:


Let me know if you have any issues … the forum is rather new and might have some start-up issues.



In case your interested.

I was informed (by the BIPES Moderator) that the BIPES - MicroPython part was based on the documentation in the MicroPython Forum NodeMCY-8266 Website documentation.

In case you are interested:


There are also MicroPython references for various other boards.

BTW Do you know if this topic is currently in the correct section … or should it be moved.

Are you a student or part of the forum moderators?


Could you please help and register with the BIPES Forum … it would be of great help.

I suspect something is incorrect with the login/registration of this new forum.

Your support will be appreciated.

Please note:

I’m only a hobbyist (absolute Rookie … but highly interested in block base programming and IoT - MicroPython related topics) and in no way involved with the BIPES App development team.


Thank you for the links. I was able to register successfully. I’m a student here and in my opinion the thread is in the right place.

I will spend some time today and learn BIPES.


I have an issue to find the register option(I have access by via another entry).

Can you send me a “snip/screenschot” where you found the option to register !.

Which time-zone are you in … I’m in Cyprus. (GMT +2)

Many Thanks

Here it is.

I’m in Vancouver (PST)

Ok … thanks (Well hidden though)

I will propose this will be repositioned to a more prominent place.

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