Mail.password not working

After applying all the configurations necessary, everything works except for mail.password.


const config = require("config");
// Configuartion
console.log("Application Name: " + config.get("name"));
console.log("Mail Server: " + config.get(""));
console.log("Mail Password: " + config.get("mail.password"));


 "mail": {
       "password": "app_password"

In the terminal I used “set app_password=1234”.

I checked my code more than once, I watched the “Configuration” lecture twice and everything looks correct. What am I doing wrong???

Okay I solved it. All I had to do was re-configure the password using:

   "set app_password=1234"

I assume the only reason it stopped working is because I de-bugged it during the “Debugging” lecture.